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Best Power Bank Deals for Black Friday in 2020 [Updated list]

Let’s explore some of the best power bank deals on Black Friday to look out for in 2020.

Power banks have been becoming more and more important as time passes on. I remember when they first came out, I thought I would never need one.

But now with all the wireless gadgets out there, a power bank is becoming an essential gadget. For instance, wireless earbuds typically have a small power bank to charge the earbuds. But what happens when that runs out of charge? That’s where a power bank comes in.

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Why get a Best Power Bank deal on for Black Friday in 2020

Smartphones run out of battery at the worst possible time. Sure to be prepared, most people charge their phones overnight to keep it running throughout the next day, however, this practice is not so good for the phone’s overall battery health.

It’s convenient to have a power bank. You don’t have to worry about draining your battery to a certain point in order to make it relatively safe for it to charge overnight.

Or maybe you don’t care at all about your battery’s health and play video games on your smartphone. Most of the mainstream games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile consume a lot of battery. It sucks to watch out for the battery at all times. That’s where you could hook it up to your power bank and play on. Although it’s not recommended to game while your phone is charging.

Here is a summary of the best power banks in Black Friday 2020 that you can get for a decent price (discounts included). We will be looking in detail for each of the power banks listed:

PreviewProductSellerWhy it rocks
anker power bankAnker Portable Charger 20000mAh Power Bank with PowerIQ TechnologyAmazonBest on Amazon!
Mophie Powerstation XXLAmazon You’d think Apple designed this, it’s so sleek!
iniu power bankINIU Power Bank 10000mAh
[2020 Upgrade]
AmazonRunner up on Amazon!
ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power StationAmazon A heavy lifter, can charge your ride.
Tranmix Solar Portable Power BankAmazonWhy store power when you can make it.
FosPower Emergency Solar Power BankAmazonMore of a survival tool than a power bank.
ZMI PowerPack 10K Smallest Lightest 10000mAh Battery PackAmazon Most versatile.
ravpower-27000-mahRAVPower 27000mAh AC Power Bank AmazonBest for laptops.
Mophie Powerstation Plus XLAmazonManageable cable.
Omni Wireless Charging Power BankAmazonIts got everything.

Best power banks Black Friday in detail

1. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank

anker power bank, best power bank in Black Friday
Credits: Anker

Anker PowerCore is the best power bank in Black Friday 2020. With a huge 20100mAh battery capacity, it can juice up your device five times throughout the week. Assuming the device is not used crazily much. It has duo-intelligent charging ports.

What’s really interesting about this device is its simultaneous twin charging capability that allows the power bank to charge up efficiently, consuming minimum amounts of time.

As a result, the power bank can get fully charged in 6 hours. That makes it perfect for overnight charging.

Charges Android, iOS and other smart devices.

Huge Capacity.

Versatile Recharging: With both a USB-C and Micro USB input port.

Only one USB-C port and NO lightning port.

By carefully considering the pros and cons of all the power banks, we come to the conclusion that Anker Powercore is indeed in the best power bank deals for Black Friday in the market for this year 2020.

2. Mophie Powerstation XXL

best power banks in Black Friday 2020
Credits: Mophie

The Mophie power bank is a work of art. It is so slim that you can hook up your smartphone to it and it will still fit in that jeans pocket.

The 20,000mAh battery size is more than enough for daily use. Although it won’t be powering your laptop or your car, it is well-optimized for small smart devices.

Sleek as hell with aluminium finish.

Big capacity.

Three charging ports.

No fast charging.

No wireless charging.

Won’t charge your laptops.

3. INIU Power Bank 10000mAh [2020 Upgrade]

Credits: INIU

Where the INIU power bank lacks is a meagre capacity of 10,000mAh, it more than makes up for it with features like fast charging and 3-Year warranty. It also fits in most pockets and in places where your smartphone fits.

Plus, you also get a Micro USB cable, travel pouch, user manual and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, you can’t deny the unmatched ‘cool’ factor that the glowing beast paw brings.

3 years warranty.

Fast charging.

Slim design, flashlight embedded.

Unimpressive battery size.

No lightning port for charging.

4. ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station [Upgraded]

Best power banks Black Friday
Credits: RockPals

This behemoth of a battery pack is the real deal. It can charge vehicles, laptops and literally anything else that operates under 500W.

It is powerful enough to charge smartphones (2000mah) about 58 times, laptops (56wh) about 7-8 times, mini car refrigerator (75W) about 5-6 hours, mini projector (60W) about 6-7 hours or other small power appliances.

While doubling as a survival tool with a flashlight and the ability to charge it using solar panels, it is a must-have for campers and adventurers. It can not only charge your car but also be charged by it.

Charges your ride.

Perfect for surviving in the wild, with a solar panel.

Not for everyday use.

Really expensive.

Solar panel not included.

5. Tranmix Solar Portable Power Bank

best power banks in Black Friday 2020
Credits: Tranmix

Why get a power bank when you can get a power plant? Because things get out of hand and that is especially if you get yourself a Tranmix Solar Portable Power Bank.

However, the solar panels are foldable so you can keep it compact. The only trouble is finding places to openly lay it around in the sun, especially when you are not in the comfort of your home. Although with the big capacity of 25000mAh, you might never need to use the solar panels, except in emergencies.

Virtually unlimited power.

Low cost.

Big capacity.

Only 2 devices can be charged at a time.

No fast charging.


6. FosPower Emergency Solar Power Bank

Best power banks Black Friday
Credits: FosPower

This is the last thing anyone will suspect to be a power bank. In fact, it may be more of a survival tool than a power bank for daily use.

But as a survival tool, it excels. The 2000mAh battery capacity might not power your device fully, not even once. However, you could always keep cranking to power up your device. Or if it isn’t raining, flip out the solar panel and listen to some radio at the same time.


Exercise while you power your device!

Solar panel

Not fit for daily use.

Very small capacity.

7. ZMI PowerPack 10K Smallest Lightest 10000mAh Battery Pack

best power banks
Credits: ZMI

In this list, this may be the most casual power bank. It’s small thus ‘pocketable’ and versatile, it gets the job done and there is no fluff.

The 10,00mAh battery capacity is more than enough to charge your device. But you might end up worrying to charge the power bank more often than you might your device. Also, you might be better off not sharing the power with others.

18-month warranty

Supports fast charging.

Does not charge laptops.

Only one device can be charged at a time.

(NOT Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Max, Nexus, Pixel /2/3/3a/XL)

8. RAVPower 27000mAh AC Power Bank

Credits: RAVPower

This power bank has got an AC outlet and that makes it a power bank worthy of laptops. Given its small compact design, it is a wonder how this device is able to deliver such massive amounts of power.

It has a capacity of 27000mAh which will at the very least, fully charge your laptop almost 1.4 times.

RAVPower can charge up three devices at a time, benefiting from its one USB-C port and two USB ismart ports to charge new Ultra books.

The blue LED lights sure look cool. But that’s not the only reason they are there. It keeps you notified of the juice remaining.

Can charge your laptop.

LED lights show charge remaining.

Can charge three devices at once.

Bulky for use with smartphones.

Only one charging port type for laptops.

9. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

best power banks in Black Friday 2020
Credits: Mophie

This power bank is as sleek as it looks. It almost matches your smartphone’s size and its built-in cord means you can stack your phone on top and keep using it easily.

It won’t charge your laptops and takes a while charging. Its smaller capacity means you’d need to routinely charge the power bank.

Comes with a small manageable cord for charging.

Portable and sleek.

LED charge indicator.

No fast charge.

Mediocre capacity.


10. Omni Wireless Charging Power Bank

Best power banks Black Friday
Credits: Omnicharge

We have saved the best for the last. The Omni power bank has got it all. But there is only one problem, it is pretty expensive. It is easily one of the Best power banks this Black Friday.

Being expensive is its only flaw. Considering its packed with features and is still very portable. With a 20,000 mAh battery capacity, it can fully charge an average laptop at least once.

Supports wireless charging.

Potentially unlimited power with solar charging.

Charges laptops.

Very compact.

Large capacity.

Very expensive.

So these were our picks for the Best Power Bank deals for Black Friday in 2020. We hope you find a good deal and end up with a purchase that is fulfilling.

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