What Do You Need to Know When Buying Phones in Singapore?

Whether you are a resident or visiting, being a first-time mobile phone buyer in Singapore can be a daunting experience. The availability of so many smartphone brands in the Singaporean market does not make it any easier.

However, a few tips and tricks can help you lessen the burden of picking and buying an affordable mobile phone in Singapore.

For instance, to buy a phone from a telecommunication company, you must sign a 2-year contract whereas if you wish to avoid the contract, you will have to part with $100 more than the original price.

One of the most important things to know is whether the phone you are buying is on a Lock-in contract. Most of the smartphones sold in Singapore are under the SIM-lock plan, where you have your SIM card locked to certain networks or used in certain countries.

As a result, buying an affordable mobile phone in Singapore can be difficult, especially if you are a traveler. The reason is, if you are not aware of how the lock-in contract works, then you will find yourself buying a phone that you cannot use in your own country when you come to the end of your visit.

Also, SIM-lock contracts available for different phone companies are not the same. Therefore, as you choose the phone you want, you should also understand their contract with the stores selling those phones.

Whether you are buying your phone online or from the stores, you need to know about the contract and understand how it works and how it affects you. That means you should take time and understand everything about buying phones in Singapore before beginning the process.

Find out the Lock-In Contract

Before going for the most affordable mobile phone in Singapore, find out the lock-in plan you will get. Different manufacturers have different lock-in plans. That is why you should ask or do your research and understand your plan very well.

Can You Buy an Affordable Mobile Phone in Singapore Without a Lock-in Contract?

These days it is possible to buy a phone with no restrictions. If you do your research well, you will not be confined to a certain style. Some of the current phones are now flexible, and you can program them the way you want without the lock-in SIM.

All you need is to buy your phone in cash and deposit the payment affront. You will get a data plan that you can change at any time, depending on what you wish to achieve. If you buy a phone that you can control, you can install a value-packed data plan. That means you can add or sometimes cancel some programs without being penalized for it.

Do You Want to Buy Phones with Plans that Work for You?

It is important to go for a plan that will work for you; for instance, look for a plan that allows you to make changes on your mobile plan for you to be able to do a lot with your phone. For example, you can have a plan that allows you to book movie tickets with your phone, find the best upcoming events, answer opinion polls, and much more.

What are plans Available for Singapore Smartphone Buyers?

After buying your affordable mobile phone in Singapore, the next big step is to pick a data plan that matches the quality of your phone. Below are the data plans available in the market;

Changeable Plans

You can get customizable plans with unlimited data to customize your phone and use it for what you want. In addition, you can access apps that allow you to switch your SIM to a different phone and continue using it.

Buy SIM Only Plan

You do not have to buy a new phone all the time when you can get the advantage of a SIM-only plan. The SIM-only plan allows you to get unlimited calls and data, international bonus minutes, and more. Just ask for a customized plan, and you will get it now in Singapore. Also, look for the most applicable SIM-only plan that fits your requirements.

Before buying your affordable mobile phone in Singapore, understand everything about the phone and the plan you will be using. Without it, you may end up buying a phone that cannot serve you at all, while you can get an affordable mobile phone in Singapore that meets your needs.

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