Hints on Cleaning Other Storage on the Mac

Some Mac owners may be frustrated when they are asked about the “other” storage on the device and why this storage is taking a lot of space on their computer. Maybe this sort of storage on the Mac seems a bit weird but in other ways, it is even useful.

First of all, you need to understand these files will not harm the device or an operating system in any way, but on the contrary, some of them are created to help the computer run faster and more effectively.

Ideally, users do not need to clear the other storage but in many cases, this space can become clogged up, especially if a user saves a big number of various backups for the iPad or iPhone on their computer.

If you’re looking for good tips on cleaning the other storage on your computer, we have you fully covered with the simple and effective hints you will find in this article.

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Which Files Are in the Other Storage?

In Mac’s other storage, you can find the next types of various documents:

  • Temporary or system documents of the particular macOS
  • Cached documents (including a browser, user, and system cache documents)
  • Various plug-ins and some extensions from applications
  • Different archives or disk images
  • User’s personal data
  • Common files, including PDF and PSD documents
  • iCloud documents, screensavers, etc.

How to Delete the Other Storage Documents

You have to understand that it’s impossible to empty the other storage just fully but you can leave a minimum of documents there. Keep following the next steps to fully remove these files and clean up the computer.

  1. Check what amount of space is taken by the other storage. You will have to find “About this Mac” menu and choose the storage tab there to see the full capacity of storage on the device, including the other storage of your Mac.
  2. Get rid of cache files. If you already know which storage is taken by the other category, it’s possible to delete it easily. First of all, get rid of unused and unnecessary documents, like cache that may clog the device.
  3. Delete downloads from the computer. Whenever you download some files online, they are saved in this folder and kept there. If your main goal is to free up the other storage on the computer, these documents can be deleted without any doubt.
  4. Get rid of all the temporary documents from the device. When the computer is working, many documents are saved as temporary files to improve its performance. Over time, such files are clogging the computer.
  5. Remove unnecessary backups and various plug-ins. Usually, these documents do not take a lot of space on the device, but if you wish to get more free storage space, you must remove these documents from the computer. Old and unused backups must be deleted too, leaving enough space to increase the productivity of the device and save something important.

Now, we hope you understand what’s other storage on the computer? In fact, there are two methods to delete unused and unnecessary documents from the Mac: manual and automatic. Manual is more time-consuming because it requires a user’s assistance.

If you have chosen an automatic way, it’s necessary to install special software to scan and clean up the device. Needless to say, you have to download any programs only from trustworthy sources to prevent any computer viruses. We wish you good luck with cleaning up your other storage on the Mac device!

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