InVideo Review – Create & Edit Professional Looking Videos

For both beginners and experienced video editing professionals into serious video making and editing, there can be nothing better than InVideo. It’s one of the best online video editing tools for making professional videos within a short amount of time, say less than five minutes.

This simple and easy-to-use tool comes with a super-intuitive user interface and a large number of templates that users can choose from. You can use this tool for making videos of almost all varieties and for all kinds of businesses, regardless of the business niche.

This tool helps businesses connect with their audiences in a very solid way, convey their intended messages with a top-quality presentation, and make the information not just useful but even enjoyable.

Once you have your hands on this tool, you will love it for sure!

InVideo’s Editing Procedure

You don’t need to do much when using InVideo to make and edit videos because this online video editor has many templates.

The only thing you need to do is choose the template that perfectly fits your project’s style and theme. Then everything else will be done by the tool itself. All the templates available with InVideo are fully customizable, which means you can tweak them to suit your requirements.

You even get the option of adding images, colors, and scenes to the templates. You have complete control over the templates, with customization coming as the second step.

You have the option of adding text to video and even using the tool’s free stock media consisting of videos, images, and music. If you don’t want to utilize its stock resources, you can always add your very own logos, colors, and quirky fonts to your visuals.

Yet another good thing about this online video editor is that it helps you export and upload videos easily. You can easily do so by downloading the video directly on your device or exporting it to different social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Important Attributes of InVideo

There are a number of crucial and useful features that this tool has on offer. The features of this tool help with different service segments. The features available with InVideo can help you make your videos stunning which will automatically help viewers have a seamless experience while watching your video.

Some of the most exclusive features of the tool include:

1. More Than 4000 Templates for Different Industries

This online video editor features over 4000 templates for different industries. This means you can create some of the most stunning videos without wasting too much time. The pre-made templates available with InVideo cover almost all the current industries.

The templates are perfectly suitable for different types of businesses. You even get the option of making a completely new template by customizing the available template according to your requirement.

2. Complete Flexibility and Control

InVideo is a very straightforward platform for beginners to make and edit videos. The drag-and-drop editing feature of this tool makes it very easy and simple for users to create some of the most engaging visuals.

Users also get the option of adding music, text, pictures, and videos to their work to make it more presentable and attractive. Yet another noteworthy point about this platform is that it works across varied languages, making the tool more inclusive.

3. Automatic Conversion from Text to Video

InVideo users now have the ability to convert their articles into informative, attractive, and engaging videos for their clients, and that too at just one click of the mouse. The text-to-video feature of this tool helps users convert their text into videos with voiceovers reading out text in the most natural manner.

And yes, when it comes to images, they are chosen automatically to match the video text. Therefore, it can be rightly said that automation is at its best when you use InVideo for creating and editing videos.

Different Roles InVideo Plays

There are a number of roles that InVideo plays when it comes to helping businesses with video marketing. The best thing about this online video editing tool is that it works solely as a video maker or editor and serves the users by helping them with different varieties of videos.

  • It works as an outro maker, helping users create the best outros for their videos within just a few minutes.
  • It even helps users give great introductions to their videos by serving as an intro maker.
  • This online video editor will help you design the best and the most professional HD videos with robust and exclusive editing features.
  • It even helps users create the best Facebook video advertisements that are great at driving engagement and traffic to your site.
  • You can use InVideo as an invitation maker to create custom invitation videos that grab your audience’s attention and lure guests into attending your event.
  • This video maker is a free-to-use tool and is one of the best ones available online. It helps users in creating short and crisp videos in minutes.
  • InVideo is also a great poster maker enabling users to design some of the most stunning posters to make their events stand out.
  • This promo video maker will help you promote your products, services, and your brand in the most effective manner by helping you make stunning promotional videos.
  • The ad-making ability of InVideo is specifically useful for brands looking to boost their sales.
  • InVideo is also a good slideshow maker, offering easy ways of picking a presentation or slideshow template and adding content accordingly.
  • You can also use it as a YouTube intro maker to create YouTube introduction videos free of watermarks just within five minutes.
  • InVideo, when used as a meme generator, offers remarkable features. It will help you create funny memes that actually stand out.

Parting Words

On the whole, there is absolutely nothing that InVideo cannot do. This is an online video editing tool, but it serves a million purposes. You can certainly use it for everything marketing-related to give your brand an edge over your competitors.

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