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Minecraft Treasure Map [2022]: How to Use Treasure Map in Minecraft

If you have been anywhere in the gaming community in the past decade or so, you’ve heard the name “Minecraft” and if you have, then you’d agree that Minecraft treasure map is one of its best features.

The game is a fan favorite of millions, and according to Youtube, was the most-watched trend in 2019.

One of the many reasons fan’s absolutely adored this game is because Minecraft never fails to keep the player integrated through its frequent updates.

One of these updates was the Minecraft treasure maps update, our main focus for the moment. Ever since the update, many players have been asking how to find treasure in Minecraft?. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the treasure map in Minecraft.

Already have a treasure map? Learn how to use treasure map in Minecraft from the following table of contents:

The Treasure Maps

What is a Minecraft treasure map?

Minecraft treasure maps are basically randomly spawned in-game maps that show the location of a “buried treasure-chest”.

They are non-stackable items and can be held in the player’s main or off-hand to view.

The map has keen features of not only showing where the buried chest is with a large red ‘X’- but also showing the player’s position relative to that ‘X’.

Getting your hands on a treasure map is the first step on how to find buried treasure in Minecraft.

Minecraft buried treasure map
Minecraft buried treasure map

If the player is out of bounds of the map, the map will be uncolored and will be presented as various shades of beige. Moreover, the player will also be seen on the edge of the map until they are within range.

However, as soon as the player is within the map’s range, they will move away from the edge of the map, and colors of visible blocks will automatically start to fill in.

Uncolored treasure map
How to find buried treasure

How to find treasure maps in Minecraft?

1. Shipwrecks

A treasure map in Minecraft can be found in randomly spawned shipwrecks. They’re usually found sunken underwater, however, there is a rare chance for them to spawn on land near beaches.

Underwater Shipwreck in Minecraft
Underwater Shipwreck in Minecraft

The game generates around one to three chests in shipwrecks. Additionally, there are three different types of chests that can spawn in a shipwreck:

Supply chests:

Usually filled with food supplies and armor, supply chests are the more common chests that spawn at shipwrecks

Treasure chests:

These chests are filled with precious materials, such as iron, diamonds, and even emerald. While these chests are really great for starters, but these aren’t the treasures we’re looking for.

Map chests:

To find ourselves a treasure map in Minecraft, map chests are the ones.

These are chests that we have our sights set on for now, other than the buried treasure map, they contain many other materials that help you search for the map, compasses, clocks, etc.

If a map chest does spawn, it will have a 100% chance of having a buried treasure chest, along with other loot such as paper, compasses, etc.

2. Ruins

Ruins are underwater structures found at the ocean bed. They are usually made from stone or sandstone, and often spawn in groups.

Minecraft also generates these ruins with chests, usually hidden beneath some other block.

Subsequently, buried treasure maps can generate in these chests as well. All but two types of ruin structures have chests.

Ruins, however, have the tendency to also spawn drowned mobs, making them dangerous to approach. If you don’t use caution, a group of drowned mobs can easily pick you off, especially if you’re underwater.

Drowned mobs can also possess tridents, which not only do a whopping 4 hearts of damage but also are ranged weapons, making them difficult to avoid.

Moreover, unlike the map chests of the shipwreck, we have no guarantees that buried treasure maps will always spawn in these chests.

Underwater ruins spawned with a 'Drowned' mob
Underwater ruins spawned with a ‘Drowned’ mob

3. Dolphins

Not only are dolphins some of the most adorable mobs present in-game, but they are also some of the most beneficial as well.

They have the ability to give speed boosts to players that are swimming near them. But, perhaps the greatest use of the dolphins is the ability to use them to find treasure locations.

When fed, dolphins gain loyalty to you, and while directly, they can not help you find buried treasure maps, indirectly, they are a big help.

After feeding a dolphin raw fish (cod or salmon), the dolphin will swim away leaving a sparkling trail behind. The dolphin locates the nearest underwater chest and leads the player to it.

Often times this chest will belong to shipwrecks or underwater ruins. This makes it extremely easy for the player to find buried treasure maps, as the hassle of locating these structures is completely overcome.

Dolphins chasing after raw cod in Minecraft
Dolphins chasing after raw cod in Minecraft

How to use treasure map in Minecraft

Now that you have your buried treasure map in your hand, you may be thinking “how to find treasure in Minecraft?“. Well think no further, this article is already here to help.

How to find buried treasure in Minecraft: Getting ready

First thing’s first, however, it’s important that you are ready for the expedition. Minecraft treasure map doesn’t exactly show how far they are and so it can take many in-game days to reach the buried treasure in Minecraft.

As such, it’s important that you prepare for every circumstance. So here are a few tips to make sure you’ll be well prepared for the voyage:

How to find treasure in Minecraft: Moving out

  • The first thing you should worry about is food, get plenty of stacks of your favorite Minecraft delicacy, or else you may just starve to death before you even reach the area on the map.
  • Suit yourself in armor and have your weapon by your side. Getting to the area on the map can take days, and if starvation won’t get you, the mobs that spawn at night will, so it’s best to ready to swing your sword back.
  • Take a boat with you, you’ll never know when you’ll have to cross large bodies of water, having a boat in handy might be just the boost you need to get there faster.
  • Take a shovel with you, It’s called buried treasure for a reason, you’ll need to dig it out from underneath whatever block it is, and the shovel is the best way to do that.
buried treasure map screenshot
Navigating the map

The player’s position on the map is shown by an “arrow-head” icon on the map. The pointed part of the head shows the direction of the player and the rounded part depicts the player’s body.

If you happen to be outside the map, don’t worry. Just simply position yourself so the arrow-head is facing towards the center of the map and start moving. You’ll eventually begin to see the colors of the map filling in.

Once that happens, start making your way towards the characteristic red ‘X’ of the map.

PRO TIP: Once you are at the ‘X’, place yourself in such a way that the round part of the arrow-head is beneath the X’s center. You should also be facing south, between the X’s bottom-most legs

I’m at the ‘X’, now what?

When the game says buried treasure map, it really means it. Unless you’re extremely lucky and have the chest spawn right at the surface, you’ll need to dig quite some way before you can reach it.

The treasure, however, will always be under diggable blocks, such as sand gravel, or clay (depending on the biome). So a shovel is a must to have while you’re digging for the treasure as indicated by Minecraft treasure map.

PRO TIP: destroy the chest once you’re done looting it. Otherwise, the game will still recognize it as a buried treasure chest and can point you to the same chest in future maps.

dug up buried treasure in minecraft
Dug up buried chest

Of course, if you’re one of those people that respond better to visual aids. We’ve included a video link just so it’s a bit easier for you to find the riches below.

What’s the point of Minecraft buried treasure map?

Before you even start looking for the treasure map Minecraft, however, you may already be wondering what’s even the point.

Sure finding loot is cool and all, but why would you want to go through all that work just to get some items you can probably make yourself.

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. Minecraft buried treasure map isn’t all talk. They are the only way a player can get their hands on the elusive heart of the sea.

Now by itself, the heart of the sea is nothing more than junk that occupies space.

However, if you were to put it on a crafting table, surrounded by nautilus shells, you can make your very own conduit. One of the most powerful blocks in the game. You can only get this by setting out on an adventure with the Minecraft buried treasure map.

The conduit

A conduit is a beacon type block, that gives players an array of boosts.

The conduit allows players in the rain (java edition only) and in contact with water (both java and bedrock edition), to have the “Conduit Power” if they are within 32-96 blocks of the conduit.

Simply put, players are able to breathe underwater for an indefinite time, and mine underwater faster (a true blessing to anyone who knows how tedious that can be). It also gives the player night vision underwater.

Moreover, the block passively attacks any hostile mobs within 8 blocks of its range.

powered conduit
A powered conduit

How to use the conduit in Minecraft

Of course, seeing as how powerful the conduit is, using it isn’t as simple as placing it on the ground. No, the conduit needs to be set in a very specific way for it to take effect.

Just learning about how to use the treasure map in Minecraft is just the start. It’s the conduit that makes it worth it.

The conduit should be surrounded by a frame of 5×5 prismarine or sea lantern blocks (found in underwater temples). This will be the primary activation of the conduit.

However, to completely benefit from the conduit’s power, and increase its range, you should try to cover it in a hollowed-out cube of prismarine. The cube should be built of 3 individual 5×5 frames.

best conduit arrangement
Best arrangement to activate the conduit

Good luck…

It might seem like a very long and grueling process to get there, but all that time and energy spent in finding buried treasure is sure to pay off. Sure it takes a while to even find a treasure map in Minecraft in the first place, but having the conduit in your arsenal is no joke.

Keep persevering, and we’re sure after you’ve read this article, you’ll know exactly how to find buried treasure, and how to use them.

We hope we were able to help. That’s what a gaming community is for! You can reach out in the comments below if you are running into any issues, and we’d love to help you.

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