Ways New MacBook Owners Can Get More Out of Their Computer

If you switched from Windows to macOS, you might be surprised by how much the two are different. Of course, that should not be a reason to feel anxious about not making the most out of your new computer.

After a while, you should be more than capable of using the MacBook and get the most out of it. On the other hand, some Mac owners cannot afford to let things develop at a natural pace because they need to master their computer for work. Lacking efficiency leads to poor work quality and failure to meet deadlines. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s start with keyboard shortcuts. The entire combination list is available on the official Apple website. The support page covers every MacBook keyboard shortcut.

Whether you need to learn every combination is difficult to answer. Even if you decide to do that, it will take a while. And there are plenty of instances when a MacBook keyboard shortcut is too specific. 

Instead, it would probably be better to focus on commonly-used shortcuts. For example, Option + Command + Delete to remove files from the laptop permanently, Shift + Command + 3 to take a screenshot, or Option + Command + D to show or hide the Dock.

Built-in Tools

As expected, macOS comes with a plethora of neat built-in tools that come in quite handy. Some examples of such tools include Spotlight that lets MacBook owners convert units and do calculations.

MS Word is also part of the package. You can even upgrade the default version by learning how to import fonts into word mac lacks. 

For simple video editing, there is iMovie. Dictionary lets you look up word definitions, while GarageBand is great for producing music.

App Store

While there are many great applications that are part of the macOS package, you should also spend some time on the official App Store. If you want entertainment, finding some games for macOS should not be a problem.

The official App Store has plenty of applications for work, finances, lifestyle. Check either of these or other categories depending on your needs. Also, keep in mind that while there are plenty of great third-party app developers, sticking to the official store will help you avoid potential cybersecurity threats since apps on the official store are approved by Apple.

Computer Maintenance

While MacBooks are known for their reliability, you should not underestimate the importance of taking proper care of your computer. A small misstep could snowball and cause significant performance issues.

Even if you are not playing video games, it is still important to keep tabs on the system resource usage. Check Activity Monitor to quit redundant background apps.

Drive storage is another thing you need to pay attention to. Do not wait until the MacBook’s drive has only a few free gigabytes left. No, remove old downloads, app caches, and other temporary junk, or transfer data to an external hard drive or cloud storage.

Malware is another problem. Do not rely on XProtect — default antivirus software of macOS. Instead, find a better tool and have it run in the background to eliminate potential threats. 

Lastly, do not wait before too much dust accumulates inside the laptop. It is tricky to take a Mac apart to clean it thoroughly since the odds of damaging the hardware are quite high. Regardless, you should still do it or have someone with experience to clean the MacBook for you. 


If you want to rest your fingers from typing, use the dictation feature. Go to System Preferences, click the Keyboard tab, and select Dictation. 

There will be a pop-up menu below the microphone icon. Click the icon and select one of the available microphones that you will use to dictate.

It may feel a bit unusual to speak words out loud instead of typing them in a document, but you may find that the dictation feature could prove quite useful in certain situations. 

Digital Signatures

Those who are fed up with signing documents by hand should use the digital signature option. You can take a picture of your signature via the MacBook’s webcam and upload it on the computer. 

Once the signature is on the computer, open a PDF document on the Preview tool and select the “Create Signature” option. 

Lookup Word Meanings

If you do not wish to open the Dictionary app every time you encounter an unfamiliar word, use the feature to look up word definitions. 

Highlight the word or Control-click it on the tab and select the Dictionary tab at the bottom or use websites suggested by Siri. There is also the “more” option that reveals additional information about the word you want to look up.

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