Best Gaming Chair Deals on Cyber Monday 2020

Don’t let the name fool you, gaming chairs aren’t just useful for long gaming sessions. They are an essential accessory to have, especially if you have to work long desk hours. Their ergonomic design paired with their full adjustability make them extremely comfortable. So whether you’re looking for a gaming chair for your long work sessions, or just want an extremely comfortable chair while you work, we have prepared a quick list of gaming chairs you can get your hands on the upcoming Cyber Monday. So let’s get right into it.

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The criteria

Let’s start discussing the criteria for our gaming chairs. Of course, not just any gaming chair can make the cut. We’ve made sure you only see the best of the best.

Each of these products has been extensively reviewed and is completely endorsed by us. So let’s take a quick look at how we’ve assessed them. So that you can better understand which of these choices is the best fit for you.

Seat Style :

There are many types of seating styles when it comes to gaming chairs. While the racing style chair is the most prominent style, there is also the beloved old-school office style seat that people adore.

This is why we have included a variety of seating options so that you can find the Perfect Gaming chair to buy this Cyber Monday.

Recline Angle:

Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of recline angles. It’s the angle to which the chair can swing back relative to the seat.

If you have a certain preference when it comes to how much you can recline your chair or are used to the recline angle of your previous one. Then fret not, we’ve made sure to include all the recline angles of each one of our top picks for the best gaming chairs.

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Maximum Capacity:

Each chair also has a maximum tolerance for how much weight it can bear. While with most of these you’ll have nothing to worry about. It’s always nice to know how much strain your chair will be able to take.


Of course, no great gaming chair is complete without the choice of being able to customize the style of it to match your aesthetic. Which is the reason why we’ve shown how much free range each chair gives to you when we’re talking about looks and color.

Bonus Features:

Finally, let’s talk about the bonus features some of these masterpieces come with. While not all of the products included in this best gaming chairs list for Cyber Monday 2020 have this feature, the ones that do have ones that are extremely useful for several applications.

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What are the best gaming chairs I should buy this Cyber Monday?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to buy a gaming chair. But the most important thing to remember is you buy one which suits your ergonomic needs. If the chair isn’t comfortable you wouldn’t receive all the benefits of owning one, so make sure to buy one which is suitable.

Here’s a quick list of the best gaming chairs in 2020:

Sr no.ImageNameStore
1GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers MusicAmazon
2OFM Essentials Collection Racing StyleAmazon
3Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair Amazon
4RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming ChairAmazon
5Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style ErgonomicAmazon
6Musso Ergonomic (White) Gaming Chair AdjustableAmazon
7X Rocker SE 2.1 Black LeatherAmazon
8VON RACER Massage Gaming ChairAmazon
9Vitesse Gaming ChairAmazon
AKRacing Core Series EX

So without further ado let’s dive into the best gaming chairs you should buy this Cyber Monday.

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers Music

Best gaming chairs this cyber monday 1
cyber monday

Racing Seat | 90~170°reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 4 different colors available | In-built Bluetooth speaker for surround sound

The GT RACING Gaming Chair naturally had to be one of our top picks. With its Lumbar back support and adjustable headset, it’s great for your back and posture.

Moreover, The chair comes in four different colors (Blue, Red, Gray, White). But perhaps the most fascinating feature of this chair is its in-built Bluetooth surround sound found at the back of the chair. The sound quality of these speakers is extremely clear, and the speaker themselves last up to 6 hours.

If you’re looking for a little more than the average gaming or movie experience, we recommend you give this one a try.

2. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style

Best gaming chairs this cyber monday2

Racing Seat | smooth forward and backward reclining | 275 lbs weight Capacity | 8 different colors available | Flippable arms

The OFM Essentials Collection is a more minimalistic approach to gaming chairs. While not as Striking as some of the others on this list, this chair has pretty much the same functionality. With integrated soft leather lumbar and headrests, this is one of the comfier chairs of the bunch.

In addition, the chair can be set to a free moving reclining change, however, the recline angle isn’t as good as some of the others.

The OFM Essentials Collection also comes with Flippable arms, which can move up against the back of the chair to reduce interference.

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3. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair 

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Office Seat | 90~150°reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 9 different colors available

The Homall Gaming Chair is perhaps one of the sturdiest of the bunch. Although it may have no bonus features, it doesn’t need to. With how much abuse this bad boy can take, you might be able to use this for even decades.

It’s made with a high-density shaping foam that not only remembers your figure but also lasts longer. Combine that with a steel frame and wheel that have been tested to run 10,000 miles+ the chair becomes an absolute powerhouse.

If you’re like me and can’t help but being a little rough, then this is the chair for you.

4. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Racing Seat | 90~155°reclining | 275 lbs weight Capacity | 12 different colors available | 4D comfort with extendable footrest

If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort, then you’re looking for this chair. The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair isn’t only the next in our list of Best gaming chairs to get this Cyber Monday but is, arguably, one of the most luxurious as well.

Being completely adjustable and made of soft leather wasn’t enough, the chair also provides rocking features and an extendable footrest if you ever need it. Bringing a whole new level of meaning to the word comfort.

The chair also comes with an amazing palette of12 color options, making sure you get the chair which best suits your aesthetic. Moreover, the chair is one of the few that actually comes with a One Year Warranty.

5. Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Racing Seat | 90~150°reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 5 different colors available

The Hbada gaming chair, much like the previous entry in this list, is also one of the few that comes with a One Year Warranty. This Gaming chair is a Jack of all trades.

Hbada is one of the few chairs that are both super sturdy, and extremely comfortable. With adjustable leather Lumbar and head supports it’s definite to have if you also want your chair to last longer.

Also, like the previous entry, this gaming chair has an optional footrest add-on, to make your experience all the more satisfying.

6. Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Racing Seat | 90~180°reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 6 different colors available | Wide frame

Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair is another one which takes care of both comfort and longevity. While it does lack the added option of a footrest, It more than makes up for it with its larger-than-usual width.

Unlike most other chairs in this list, the Musso Ergonomic Chair comes 23.3×33.2inch Seat, meaning that you’ll always be comfortable sitting in this behemoth of a chair.

The use of high-quality leather, with the back and head braces, also is a great boon for anyone wanting to achieve the Ultimate level of Comfort.

7. X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Pedestal Seat | no reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 1 color available | In-built woofers and sound management panels

The next chair we will be looking at in our best chairs to buy at Cyber Monday 2020 is a rather unconventional one. This is the X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Pedestal chair and is one of the most interesting chairs we’ll be discussing.

Don’t let the difference in appearance fool you, this chair is an absolute powerhouse. Not only is it designed for extreme comfort, but this gaming chair can connect with many devices.

These devices can be anything from the latest Xbox to first-gen Gameboys. After connecting the chair then automatically plays the audio through the woofers at the back. There’s also an audio control at the bottom right, which can be used to control volume and bass.

8. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber mondayy 2020

Office Seat | 90~135°reclining | 250 lbs weight Capacity | 4 different colors available | In-built massager

Another more unconventional gaming chair is the VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair. Everything about this chair screams comfort. From the adjustable footrest to the Lumbar support that massages your back. This chair will make sure it’ll be a treat sitting on it every time.

In addition, this is also one of the more durable entries in this list. The only downside to this chair is the smaller reclining angle and fewer color options.

9. Vitesse Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Racing Seat | 90~180°reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 6 different colors available | Thick back padding

Vitesse is also one of those chairs that have managed to strike a great balance between durability and comfort.

Much like many other chairs discussed before, this gaming chair comes complete with adjustable lumbar and head support. However, it also comes with the added feature of having thick back padding. Not only ensuring extra comfort but extra durability as well.

It’s worth mentioning the chair’s frame has a 90-day warranty and will be replaced free of charge within that time.

10. AKRacing Core Series EX

Best Gaming Chairs deals on cyber monday 2020

Racing Seat | 90~150°reclining | 300 lbs weight Capacity | 6 different colors available | Completely Adjustable armrests

Finally, let’s take a look at the AKRacing Core Series EX. Another gaming chair that offers adjustable lumbar and head support. However, this entry in the list of best gaming chairs to buy this Cyber Monday has another feature that allows you to adjust it to the max level of comfort.

This chair comes with fully adjustable arms, that move in all 3 directions. Up and down, left and right, and forward and backward. So you can have a chair perfectly suited to your needs.

Editor’s choice

I would personally have to go with the Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair. Not only does it boast a sleek and elegant design, but it is also extremely robust. Meaning it retains its structure no matter how rough I am with it. Although the VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair is a close second with the amount of comfort it provides.

Whatever choice you may prefer, at the end it all comes down to whatever suits you the most. We hope we’ve helped you decide on the best gaming chair compatible with you.

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