How to Create a Corporate YouTube Channel

YouTube, after Google, is the most used search engine. Opening a Youtube channel is quite simple. Just follow a short guide and in a few hours, you will be online with an attractive page. But understanding the algorithm’s workings and how to look best to attract users, convert them into followers and turn them into potential customers is definitely a challenging step.

Videos are the real future of marketing. Currently, nothing converts as much as a video, but it is also true that viewers are increasingly attentive and selective, demanding impeccable quality content.

Using your channel for product launches, tutorials, and explanatory videos could benefit you a lot in terms of conversion and sales and improve your brand awareness by helping you become a real point of reference for customers. Today, we will guide you to understand how to get the best performance from your videos.

What to do before opening a YouTube channel

Before getting into the technical details of creating and opening your own corporate Youtube channel, we would like to push you to reflect to start on the right foot; First, analyze the keywords related to your company and your type of business.

Click on them and carry out a market survey by also analyzing the competitors to get an idea of the quality of their products and what their gaps are, which you will be able to enter more easily. After having clear the keywords to focus on, start evaluating an editorial plan to have a clear idea of how to diversify and plan it.

Diversity pays off: no one wants to see identical videos that tell the same things. If you want to establish yourself and make your mark, produce quality, helpful content that answers users’ questions that have not yet been addressed or to which you could give a different point of view or added value.

The last aspect not to be underestimated is to analyze your target; your audience corresponds to your typical customer profile. After having identified it, you will certainly be able to achieve greater results with targeted and effective communication.

How the Youtube algorithm works

Youtube is a social network, but it is also a search engine. It boasts a complicated algorithm capable of filtering all the metadata to show the most consistent results in the home and the search bar to the user’s request.

Although there is a search bar where users can search for a specific result, it is also true that a lot of traffic is generated by the recommended videos section. For this reason, it is important to keep the engagement as high as possible, thus managing to appear with your company’s Youtube channel in the suggestions section.

The Youtube algorithm is not fixed and evolves, a bit like all social networks and search engines, but there are some vital points. Particular attention is given to the number of interactions in a given period. To be able to go viral, Youtube grants the first 48 hours from publication. Focusing on subscriptions can make a difference, but likes and comments are fundamental in order to be able to make a difference in the Youtube algorithm.

Attract more customers by offering valuable content

When your corporate Youtube channel is ready to go, you will need to plan your videos through an editorial plan. The planning system is no different from the one you use on social media or on a company blog, but it must be part of the content marketing strategy.

Providing quality content on an important search engine like Youtube, second only to Google, is undoubtedly a great way to get noticed by strengthening your brand image and gathering more consensus from users.

Educational content

Learning new things online is increasingly in vogue and Youtube is one of the most visited sites for this purpose. Take into consideration for your new corporate Youtube channel that searches related to video tutorials and demonstrations have grown by 140% in recent years, so much to convince the best brands to invest in this sector. The videos can teach or transmit new skills that are useful for the user.

Brand storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most popular methods in marketing for the ability to emotionally engage and empathize with those who are watching the video; it is therefore also recommended for a corporate Youtube channel.

However, this type of video not only creates an empathic bond with those who watch your videos; but also shows products by generating a need around a lifestyle that you tell about. In fact, users are not only pushed to purchase a product as such but are guided towards an experience.


A large number of users who frequent Youtube reveal that they do it for fun; the users are looking for leisure and entertainment in video form that is easy to use and understand. Choosing to build your communication strategy on Youtube using funny videos can certainly be an excellent move to capture their attention and push it towards purchasing a product or service.

Optimize your videos

SEO is constantly changing. Even that of Youtube, and staying up to date is essential to be able to optimize and get the most out of your videos. SEO helps you to raise your content profile, especially in a library as extensive as that of Youtube, where the keywords and other metadata can make a big difference, which manages to display your featured video.


SEO is constantly evolving, but some elements remain stable; among these is the keyword you should have in mind when recording video. The keyword helps immediately identify the topic you will be dealing with and helps to narrow down the field you will deal with.

To be able to identify the keywords for your videos better, you can contact an SEO Specialist. To get started, you can use the Google Chrome keywords tool extension. It also works within the Youtube search bar providing useful data such as search volume, CPC, and competition.


The rate of engagement or engagement is a predominant factor for Youtube that will show more or less the content also based on the public’s reaction. A higher number of shares, comments or likes will help increase engagement and therefore increase the chances of appearing in the results among the top positions.


Although many do not pay attention to this aspect, the format is fundamental for optimizing videos on search engines. The format plays a vital role in the ranking; keep in mind that Youtube is not able to view the video but pay attention to some data related to your upload.

The first is the name of the file, which must absolutely include the keyword of your video. In this way, Youtube will find consistency. Secondly, it is essential not to underestimate the length of the video; Unlike other social networks, Youtube rewards long content by assigning it a higher value.

Then pay attention to the title and description. The first must be short, contain the keyword, and describe the content, while the description must, indeed, be longer and more articulated to show the keyword and the related ones.

Finally, don’t forget the Tags. They work in a similar way to hashtags on social networks and are used to aggregate your video to specific topics. To find the right ones, also take a look at those used by your competitors.

Video editing software for YouTube

Many programs on the market want to facilitate the editing and editing of videos to share on Youtube. Although shooting videos may seem easy to you today, thanks to the applications and technology in your possession, it is good to remember how important the work is following the shooting; that is to join the clips creating a fluid movie and with good music editing. Among the best video editing software for YouTube are:

  • DaVinci Resolve: It is one of the most appreciated software by professionals for its performances and the numerous functions that guarantee high-level editing.
  • Premiere Pro: Adobe’s program is intuitive and boasts an interface that is quite understandable even by beginners; it is a paid software with numerous functions and as many tools to ensure flawless editing.
  • Final Cut Pro X: The ideal program for Apple users; highly appreciated by both amateurs and professionals. It is among the best video editing software globally, thanks to the intuitive interface and the numerous functions available.
  • FlexClip: This one is suitable for small business owners and individuals who are not professional in video editing since it is an online video editor with powerful editing tools.

To sum up

YouTube is an excellent showcase to promote yourself online and could make a difference in your communication and marketing strategy; this site has become the first alternative to TV in a few years. Users are more and more used to looking for explanations, demonstrations, and information right here.

The video contents for Youtube are like the textual ones for Google if you want to do business and stand out online, leaving your mark. After having discovered step by step how to open a corporate Youtube channel, we have retraced the salient points to emerge online thanks to quality content in the first place, without ever neglecting the SEO aspect for video indexing and editing.

Youtube is definitely a necessary investment for your business. An open corporate channel on Youtube provides you with a series of analytical tools that can reveal all user behaviors and data necessary to achieve your goals better. Have we convinced you? Do not miss the opportunity to be successful.

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