Mi Band 4 – Xiaomi Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best fitness tracker out there for those looking to improve their health. For the people who want to have a track of their steps rate or a track of the workload, this technology is for you.

Mi Band 4 is an Affordable Fitness Tracker – Best Among Competitors

The market is filled with options for fitness trackers but Mi Band is the best affordable one. This is because of the features it provides for half the price that other brands provide.


  • 0.95-inch OLED full-color touchscreen with a 400-nit peak brightness
  • Waterproofing
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Workout tracking
  • Text and Call notifications
  • GPS locator,
  • Sleep tracking
  • The battery life of up to 3 full weeks (Depending upon usage)

And all these features for half the price of its competitors like Fitbit and Garmin. That is only 40 Dollars.

Moreover, the raise to wake feature is controllable and can be set up to within certain hours.

Mi Band 4 Battery life can easily last for 2 weeks

The Battery life of Xiaomi Mi Band is superb. The battery life can easily last 2 weeks while tracking is done side by side. Moreover, unrivaled precision supports the battery lifetime.

Mi Band 4
Credits: Xiaomi Mi Band 4

For tracking the workouts, it is necessary to set it up manually. The manual setup can be a headache for a person who prefers such things automatically. In other words, when starting the workout, one has to manually tap on it to start. Also after the completion of the workout, one has to manually turn off the tracker as well.

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Sleep Tracker Does not Work Well and is not up to the Mark

Xiaomi Mi Band makes some errors in judgments while tracking the sleep. For Example, a user reported that sometimes it does not work well. He woke up early in the morning and started reading books while laying on the bed.

However, the band didn’t track it until he went to the bathroom. Overall, it is a very good, efficient, cheap and quality fitness tracker. And that too in half the price of its counterparts.

But still it has some problems associated with it and that reduces the productivity of the device.

Mi Band 4 is annoying at the translation of messages

Mi Band although provides the features of a 100 dollars fitness tracker, it has some flaws in the translation of messages. In other words, it is so annoying to not see a synchronization between devices.

In addition to this translation error, there are some performance flaws. For instance, the error in sleep tracking assisted by unnecessary notifications may prove annoying for some people.

For instance, if you are sitting for too long, it will pop up a notification to do exercise. Although the message is helpful but unnecessary. It is more of a nagging than motivation.

Mi Band 4
Credits: Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Privacy Policy of Mi Band is not convenient

Mi band privacy policy is actually controversial. They actually collect your information such as age, gender, and location as a transaction. In other words, they store your information as to their target audience.

Also if someone is found to be violating the user agreements, they will have to face the cases in the Chinese courts. It’s troublesome if you are not from China.

The highlight of minor problems is that its tracking system is more of a feminist. Yes, literally the gadget focuses more on thinness instead of fitness. Some users reported this in their reviews. It might be good news for the female users but for males, it is not.

Mi Band 4
Credits: Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This difference is particularly because of its initial market. In other words, the product was more for the Asian people who prefer losing weight over fitness. So, the company needs to change it according to areas outside of Asia.

Mi Band 4 can also be Set Up with Google fit app but it again requires Mi Fit App to do so

All in all, Mi Band 4 is cheap, efficient and also affordable. Some flaws are there but with constant updates, the software is doing well now. For half the price, the gadget is the best among the competitors.

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